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Dealing with death and grief - Dying Matters

During the COVID-19 pandemic we are seeing many people dying before their time and without their loved ones present. This can be very distressing for those who work with vulnerable people, such as carers for the elderly or the disabled, who not only might feel bereaved themselves but may also have to support the friends and family of those that have died in their care.

You may also feel anxious that your line of work exposes you to a greater chance of catching an illness, and may be worried about what might happen if you were to die.

Hospice UK’s Dying Matters campaign was designed to help people to be able to talk more openly about death, dying, and grief. Being able to discuss these subjects with your colleagues and family can help you find ways of coping and remaining resilient in such difficult times.

This PDF document explains what the Dying Matters campaign is, and provides links to other resources you might find helpful. This includes advice about starting conversations about the subject, coping with unexpected deaths, and how to manage affairs in advance of your own death. This can help you to feel less anxious about the future, and able to process the many difficult emotions you may be feeling.

While it is especially useful for those likely to encounter deaths at their workplace, such as carers, other people might also find the information useful in times of grief.
  • Dealing with death and grief: Dying Matters
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